We aim to shape the future in Plastic recycling equipment.

We dedicate time, energy, deep thinking and funds into plastic recycling machinery development. We are keen to help save us from ourselves and we all know plastic waste is one of the biggest threats to wildlife, the environment and the future of our oceans.

We will build your prototypes, we are refining and developing better cutting and sizing tools.  Watch this space as we continue to deliver high qaulity recycling equipment that meet and exceed industry standards. 

Steps to making a better mousetrap.

We first take a look at what everyone else is doing and note what does not work.
Most of the feed back we have is around delivery of a consistent shape and size of granulated output material. The next problem is machine maintenance and ease of servicing, keeping blades sharp, in good alignment, stop them clogging etc.  We have designed these problems away by using innovative thinking, good engineering and high specification raw materials.



To build a better machine we start by talking to the end users of the product, the re-makers, the manufacturers who already do or want to use reclaimed plastics.  We have designed out the inconsistent chip sizing, we have made the machines easier to maintain and upgrade and change the cutting tools to suite changes in plastic input.  

Our cutting heads are designed to allow quick changes for shape and size control and well as type of plastic so as to eliminate contamination without the need to clean the machine. The approach also means services are quick, easy and safe for operators. The cutting heads are machine interchangeable so sites with multiple machines have great flexibility.


Project Planning

All the design and as much of the raw build materials are sourced and developed in New Zealand using New Zealand skills and locally developed IP and hardware.  If you are interested in becoming a test site, we need to know what you want and when, so as to fit you into an already very busy schedule.  If you have a particular interest in plastic type or process management contact us as soon as you have a requirements document we can discuss.



The machines are designed and built in Christchurch. As a result you have direct access to the designers, manufacturing site and all the support you need to keep running. 

We also have in the pipeline a trailer mounted large format plastic granulator that can be located at sites of public interest, beaches or forest areas for example. Imagine how much waste could be collected and processed in a day by all those people attending a cleanup event.  We already build a ground loading trailer perfectly suited to this program.  Email or call for more in formation or to become part of this nationwide project starting in October 2021.


Types of materials we can granular or palletise 

Plastics, most hard and soft variations of containers and packaging.
Glass granulating and crushing.
Wood offcuts and shavings.
Farm waste, bail wrap and containers.



Granulators start at $9,000 for a one size single blade single phase machine
Multi bladed single phase and three phase machines start at $16,500 up to $25,000
Mobile on trailer units start at $45,000

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